Online video steams on in US

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 03-01-2012

The latest Nielsen Wire statistics have revealed the ever growing strength of the online video industry in the US.
The data revealed that in November 2011, there were 166.9 million unique U.S. video viewers who streamed almost 22 billion videos and spent more than 5 hours on average watching online video.

Predictably, YouTube claimed by far the lion’s share of unique viewers with 130.78 million users followed someway behind by VEVO with 42.73 million; Yahoo!, 34,383; Facebook, 30,255. Hulu formed the vanguard of the leading paid-for over the top (OTT) services with 20.83 million viewers.
In terms of total streams, YouTube generated 13.4 billion during the month with Hulu more than an order of magnitude behind on 819 million, more than three times that of arch OTT rival Netflix. VEVO ranked third with just over half a billion streams in the month, ahead of AOL with 439 million.
However in a clear demonstration of the power of compelling content, and perhaps even clearer evidence of why YouTube has pursued a strategy of signing up deals with major studios, Hulu and Netflix dominated when it came to online video destinations by time per viewer. Indeed Netflix users spent 10:43 hours on their OTT service, way ahead of Hulu subs’ 3:11 hours. YouTube by contrast registered only 3:07, only seven minutes more than Justin.TV and actually four minutes less than GorillaVid.