Cablevisión grows subs by 10%

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 04-01-2012

Argentinian cable operator Cablevision has ended 2011 with 116,000 subscribers in Asunción and Great Asunción in Paraguay, a total growth of 10%.
Cablevision arrived in Paraguay in 2010 with five HDTV channels and now it has 16 channels in total, including HBO and Moviecity, which were added at no cost for its clients.
The company says that over the next five years it will invest about US $26 million in its Paraguay business, a sum needed in a market that has suddenly become more competitive with the emergence of a new satellite TV service , the launch of TV service Copaco Internet and the expansion of Chilean TuVes, also with satellite TV.
Cablevision also provides broadband services in Asuncion via Fibertel which closed the year with 10,000 subscribers, doubling the number of clients in this period. For the New Year the company is expected to expand Fibertel service to other cities and it also plans to launch a 30 Mbps and a 6 Mbps.