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Thread: Strange signal problem. Please help!!

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    Strange signal problem. Please help!!

    I've tm 1500 ci, an Invacom Lnb and a Motec Motor. For last few days I'm experiencing strange signal problems.At night I loss signals on any transponder (v)upto 11.700 frequency on any sat. I also loss some of Horizontal TPs too. At day time the same TPs are back to normal with good signal. For example I loss tps, at 13 deg east, at night and in day time it's back with good signal. I have also noticed when I switch on and off the stb, sometimes signal comes back but slowly it goes down to red. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Strange signal problem. Please help!!

    Have noticed the same thing on Multivisions. The strength signal varies a lot, sometimes itīs down to a point when the picture starts freezing. Donīt know the reason though, I can only see itīs not due to bad weather conditions. It doesnīt happen with other TPS channels.

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