UK online TV inches up

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 04-01-2012

Contrary to a global online TV audience that appears to be going from strength to strength, the UK market seems to be stuck in first gear.
Just as a Nielsen Wire survey revealed the ever growing strength of the online video industry in the US, a BARB tracking study of UK online TV viewers, aiming to identify viewing trends outside the core BARB measurement service of in-home viewing on television sets, found that in November 2011, 15% of respondents had watched television via a PC, laptop or tablet in the previous seven days. This represented a rise of a measly single percentage point in a year in which the amount of online TV devices had enjoyed burgeoning growth.

Furthermore of those questioned, 3% claimed to have watched TV programmes via their mobile phones in the previous seven days, compared with 2% in November 2010.
Not surprisingly the bulk of the growth identified was particularly prevalent in young adults aged 15–34 and in the most recent results, 6% of this age group had used their mobile phone to watch television in the previous week, compared with 4% in November 2010.
The proportion of all adults claiming to have ever watched TV programmes via PC, laptop or tablet was 36% in November 2011, and 7% declared they had ever used a mobile phone to view television programmes.