Online viewing starts to plateau

11.07 Europe/London, January 4, 2012 By Julian Clover

Growth in television viewing via the PC, laptop and tablet devices is beginning to plateau. The regular omnibus survey conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the UK audience research organisation Barb found that in November 2011, 14.9% of respondents claimed to have watched television programmes via a PC, laptop or tablet in the previous seven days. This compares to a level of 14.4% from the same survey in the previous year.

Barb puts down the apparent slowdown in growth to the availability of increased PVR penetration in the UK (50% of all TV Households 2011 Q3 Establishment Survey) and the availability of catch-up services on connected TV devices.
The same survey has also identified a small increase in viewing via mobile phones. Of those questioned, 7% claimed to have ever watched via their mobile phone, compared with 5% in November 2010.
The trend is particularly noticeable in younger demographics, in the most recently available results, 6.3% of 15-34s surveyed had used their mobile phone in the last week to watch television programmes, compared with 3.6% the previous year.