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Thread: BlackBeauty-HD for CVS

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    BlackBeauty-HD for CVS

    BlackBeauty-HD for CVS


    Update 03.01.2012

    03.01.2012: Skin ist jetzt nicht mehr speziell auf die transparenten Sender-Picons ausgerichtet - jetzt passt, was gefällt.

    Black beauty with HD I have now tinkered times its own skin - certainly not perfect, but it is still in course of time.

    Some plugins are already eingeskint, including:
    Auto timer, CDInfo, CutListEditor, dvdbackup, DVDBurn, DVD player, electric, EPGRefresh, EPGSearch, file browser, GenuineDreambox, GraphMultiEPG, IMDb, lotto extended, media player, music player merlin, moviejukebox, Partnerbox, ...

    The Gemini plugin I have not even installed on my Dreambox, so I did not even eingeskint. The skin should still work even with Gemini plugin. If this demand is very large, I let myself (perhaps) to persuade the Gemini einzuskinen with plugin, once I have the time (in the winter months).

    step 1
    To display the channel number Temparatur and two additional renderers are required. (. Thanks to Vali, who has asked this renderer for all skin-builder available) Therefore, you must first copy these two renderers to the dream, in the directory: / usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Renderer /
    The two renderers need to be installed! (otherwise crash)

    step 2
    And now only the skin (ipk file) on the box (after tmp) copy and install, choose skin, reboot, done!
    - Enigma2-plugin-skins-black-beauty-06-hd_3.1.0_2011 19_all.ipk

    So now a lot of fun with the black beauty-HD Skin ...


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    Re: Other Vu+ Skins

    New Fix for Vu+ VTI 05.01.12

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