MediaTek releases high-end smart TV chip

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 05-01-2012

Taiwanese chip company MediaTek has released the world's first 120Hz smart TV supported single chip solution model.
The chip supports 3D and Wi-Fi display technology, which allows smart TVs to synchronize with Wi-Fi network hubs without the use of external modems or an internet connection, ensuring that high definition content can be easily shared on TV screens. MediaTek claims its solution is bringing the "living room" revolution to a new level, while creating a new generation of "smart homes".
According to the Topology Research Institute's most recent report, as more brands continue to release smart TVs, worldwide shipments of smart TVs in the next two years could double, from 25.18 million in 2011 to at least 52.85 million units in 2012, accounting for 20% of overall TV sales.
MediaTek's Smart TV single chip solution supports numerous high definition video image processing technologies, and also comes with MediaTek's patented MDDi deinterlace solution, which enhances the clarity of moving images and allows support for 120 Hz MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) and 3D visuals, giving a smoother and more vivid viewing experience. As the first to support the next generation Wi-Fi Alliance Standard, MediaTek's Wi-Fi display technology allows smart TVs to be synchronised with one or more Wi-Fi stations, allowing simultaneous broadcast of content between the devices.
Joe Chen, general manager of Digital TV BU at MediaTek, said: "The new generation of smart TVs completely redefines the traditional role of the 'living room TV', and sets a new milestone for TV technology. By offering a smart TV single chip solution that features high-performance, high integration and customisable features, MediaTek continues to help customers worldwide achieve global brand value."