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    newbie question

    I am planing to buy a clark tech 9100 but I hope some of you could please help me, I have a few questions that I hope some one can answer.

    1. How easy is it to use. ?
    2. I live in scandinavia can I watch viasat or canal digital on it with ORGINAL payed subsciption on it ?
    3. If I make a recording of a tv program can I transfer the record from the clark tech reciver hardrive to my pc so I can burn it to cd/dvd or blu-ray. ?

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    Re: newbie question

    Hello and Welcome with us

    I'm not the receiver but also land enigma2 and as I've read a good and easy to move
    whether the scandinavian can see that I'm not sure but was ordered to go,
    Wemm installed with HDD purchase is the problem introduction heights you will find anywhere.

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    Re: newbie question

    Can anyone tell me if it is possble to transfer a recording made with the "clark reciver" to my pc. ? or is it locked in the reciver due to copyright... ?

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