Global tablet market soars to 15.5MN shipments

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 06-01-2012

The second screen continues to surge according to the latest tablet tracking report from Futuresource Consulting which recorded 15.5 million tablets shipped in Q3 2011, up a staggering 11 million in a year.
The analyst says that its update demonstrates how a product with little consumer demand prior to development and launch can experience a massive upsurge in approval, thus proving that an “unsurpassed reputation, expert technological development and streamlined marketing activities” can quickly turn an item into that ‘must have’ product.
The survey shows that USA leads the way in tablet adoption accounting for 46% of global ownership, representing an installed base of 24 million devices at the end of the quarter. Even though Europe saw a slower uptake, 4.2 million shipments in Q3 compared to 7.1 million in the US, the market still experienced a 300% year-on-year growth.
Looking to the immediate future, Futuresource predicted that the emergence of major sporting events in 2012 would fuel a rise in the uptake of tablets as consumers begin to demand connection while away from home to view TV content. It added that tablets’ associated size and features would be increasingly recognised.

Furthermore, the analyst regarded long-term prospects for the tablet industry as positive with strong growth throughout the forecast period out to 2015, driven by a widening array of mobile content for tablets including apps, declining prices making the product widely available to an increased user-base and product replacement as consumers look to update and modernise. Multiple ownership per household was also seen as a key driver for growth as advances were made in the range of uses and applications available.
Even though in terms of individual tablet companies’ market shares differed from country to country, Apple, not surprisingly dominated the global market with the iPad and iPad2, a situation that will likely maintained with the imminent arrival of the iPad 3.