Dominican Republic has first local HD channel

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 06-01-2012

Telecable Tricom, the cable operator boasting the largest number of pay-TV subscribers in the Dominican Republic, has expanded its digital line-up by adding the first high-definition channel to be produced in the country.
Called Enjoy HD, the broadcaster is available only on channel 407 of the MSO's platform. Its shows are mainly dedicated to highlighting the tourist attractions, natural resources, local culture and typical lifestyle of the Caribbean nation.
One of the first programmes broadcast by Enjoy HD was Orgullo de mi tierra (Pride of my land), a documentary series produced by the Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN) group. In its first episode, released on Christmas day, the show's HD cameras focused on the natural beauty of the Republic's SamanŠ, Barahona and Pedernales provinces.
At some point later in 2012, a second home-grown HD channel is expected to be launched. Last year, local broadcaster Telemicro inaugurated a TV studio specifically fitted with HD production equipment. However, no firm dates have yet been announced regarding the official initial transmissions.
HD in itself is not a novelty to Telecable Tricom viewers. The cableco already offers some 40 international channels encoded in the higher-definition format. Among them are CNN HD, Discovery HD Theatre, Nat Geo Wild HD, Universal HD, Fox HD, AXN HD, Sony HD, TNT HD and Warner HD.