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    I'm starting now, even at the changelog for the 6.0.4 to write, but kit comes in the evening:
    * It is now again a releaste kit and the kit does not expire after a short time schobn, but as usual it is now all previous versions of BA no longer supported.
    * This version is compatible ONLY with the more original Loader # 84 of DMM (in 7025 it can therefore only with the ipk for cheating Loder 84, the use here append)
    * This version of BA was cleared out DRASTICALLY - the kit is MUCH smaller and leaner and thus should still all the current things still work.
    * What I have first thrown out, because there is already some time disabelt and no one has asked the shell script is also in other languages, run it, plug the BA and BA Webif of course continue to the full language support.
    * The Multiboot Download Center is finally kicked out after serving his entire OoZooN feed as a web page makes no sense - RIP.
    * Bzip2 was also thrown out because the MB_ *. tar files uncompressed so now be made, so it is not necessary in the ipk kit to lug around, who needs it anyway bzip2 has to feed the software of most images.
    The BA * Get last option kit is also kicked out, because who is also on the homepage OoZooN as it stands im about.
    * If we do not thread in the boot logo for a new boat in time to decide logo I make out ALL up on a black - as in department stores where the mannequins are Neudekorieren the first time put into black plastic bags. I've already thought about it before in your own theme pack kit outsource for BA, or may indeed any appropriate tar.gz or IPKS to / media / ba / logos and / media / ba / fonts do with logos and additional fonts.
    * The boot manager should now ALL on / dev / input / event * respond, we must therefore change anything, no matter which remote control is used (old / new / DMM keyboard). Hence the setting for the plugin is removed because no longer needed - RIP.
    * Changing the color mode (RGB, ...) when bootmenu is kicked out, when connected via HDMI, you need the eh no more and if someone has a problem on the 7025 so you can do that also in the bios change.
    * There is now a Autoswap feature - once you have created on / media / ba BA with a swapfile (minimum size is now 128MB), this in ALL the boot images (including Flash) automatically without beswapped fstab or the like.
    Devices * File system check of the BA is now when you are booted from Flash made when you type in telnet bainit 90, with all numbers> 89, the cause in order to avoid further confusion.
    * DO NOT use it OoZooN (or another image where the loop device driver in the kernel are fixed) image in flash or instralliert not on a 7025 then it MUST be the kernel-module-loop re-install ipk, otherwise BA NOT work!
    * It is now bainit a binary shell script and no more and it will stay that way!
    Well let's see what me and to the evening so all can think what is new ...
    Danke gutemine
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