Extra Functions:
- Crossepg 0.6.2
- Dedicate Update Server
- Dedicate Addons Server
- Dedicate DE-EPG (now v.1.02) EPG downloadable from Dream Elite !!
- Dream Elite Manager (now v.2.31)
- Device Manager (now v.2.10)
- Start/Stop Services
- Services Management at boot
- Download of additional languages
- Network browser
- Network mount manager
- Driver smargo
- Driver pcsc 1.8.1
- Driver ccid 1.4.5
- Swap auto-start at boot
- Added compatibility with Barry Allen 6.03 or greater (Thanks Gutemine)

Dream Elite Manager
- Download extensions
- Manual Installation
- De-install
- DeEPG: download epg from DE server (13E, 28,2E)
- Script Exceution
- Crypt URL extra server
- Emu start/stop

Device Manager
- Mount/Umount peripherals
- Format peripherals
- Swap File Management

Button Functions
Button OKx1 = Infobar Light
Button OKx2 = Infobar Extra

Button Blue = Dream Elite Manager
Button Blue x2 = Dream Elite Addons Manager
Button Blue-Long-Push = Extensions
Button Blue+Yellow = Script Executer
Button Blue+Green = Url Cript

Button Red = Start Record

Button Yellow = Time Shift

Button Green-Long Push = Plugins Browser
Button Green+Red = Extensions Management

Thanks to all who partecipated and contributed to the image, testers and staff members.

Special thanks:
Gutemine for Dumbo and Barry Allen
SIFteam - Genge e BOBSilvio for DTT drivers
IHAD - a.key for DVB-T tuner management
Skamann for Crossepg
Reinh@rd for satellites.xml
Spaeleus for translations

There are still some small bugs in this image. Your feedback is welcome.