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Thread: Biss key test

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    Biss key test

    I have some questions about key searching using Cud.... ,I already uploaded ts file and checked with CW Finder and it says

    First scrambled payload TS packet found... Second scrambled payload TS packet found... Third scrambled payload TS etc...

    so TS File seems to be OK ( ?? )

    Then uploaded TS file with packet_ts which give me exact input.txt file for Cu......

    I tried found the key from channel which i know biss key but unsuccessfully

    Can somebody explain for me how these searching works and how to give Cu......... close searching range from that key which is already know and just want to test it

    For example if KEY is A5 EB 22 B2 57 6F 50 16

    and how to put some numbers (which) in these lines 000000000 to FFFFFFF .............. to test key

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Biss key test

    Strictly forbidden to post messages on software CudaBiss Because this software is real threat to the BISS encryption
    Please delete your message !!!

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