Good evening;

I am facing a big problem. My broadband connection works perfectly and my dreambox is configured correctly and also my router for the portforwarding. My new home has a balcony and the balcony does not have the line of sight (LoS), which means no signal received neither from 13E, 19E and 28.2E. I just want to know does the cardsharing requires the dreambox to be connected to the dish or just connected to the internet or both? This might be a stupid question but I am really confused. Now my dreambox is not connected to the dish, it is connected to the internet only. Since I don't have the LoS so I did not bother mounting the dish, what can I do?
The housing company wont give me the permission to install the dish on the roof of the building.

All my peers are worried and some of them are complaining

Any ideas?