National Libyan TV begins test transmission
January 6th, 2012 - 17:27 UTC
by Andy Sennitt.

Excerpt from report by Libyan news agency WAL

Tripoli, 6 January 2012, (WAL) - The National Libyan [TV] channel began as from yesterday its test transmission under the name of “The National Libyan [TV]” on Nilesat, frequency “12341″.

Controllers and workers at the channel told the Libyan news agency [WAL] that the channel would side with the Libyan people and would devote itself to serving their options proceeding from the principles and directives of the 17 February revolution.

The programmes and news will be handled with all neutrality and transparency and a futuristic vision will be put forth for a bright future and spacious horizons through the movement of the private and civil society in Libya.

It is worth pointing out that this channel, which the former collapsed regime used under the name of “Al-Jamahiriyah” radio, was known in the Libyan street under the name of “Al-Qanfud” radio.