Ooyala partners with Panasonic for connected TV video syndication

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 10-01-2012

In a bid to boost its connected TV credentials, digital video analytics and services firm Ooyala has formed a universal syndication deal with Panasonic.

The result of the partnership, says Ooyala, will be that premium publishers will gain seamless access to connected living rooms and other connected devices with one-click access to scale programme offerings for next-generation TV experiences.
The Panasonic VIERA Connect smart TV will be the first smart TV platform to take advantage of the Universal Syndication with The Country Network (TCN) being the first publisher giving VIERA Connect customers access to content from TCN’s catalogue of country music artists and channels, including a simulcast of the network’s live TV broadcast channel. Ooyala promises that more video publishers will offer a broad range of content in early 2012.
“This will be a huge year for hyper-selective, cross-device entertainment,” said Chris Wong, senior vice president of corporate and business development for Ooyala. “The industry clearly recognises the urgency of connected cloud services in the living room as viewers become more discriminating about what they watch and where they can access video. With their fast adoption of Ooyala’s connected TV syndication, Panasonic and TCN are demonstrating our shared commitment to innovation that moves the television experience into the future.”
Explaining the attraction of such an infrastructure to a content company, Warren Hansen, founder and chief executive officer of The Country Network, said, “The partnership between Ooyala and Panasonic is the first real step into the world of connected television. Broadcasters, like TCN, need to look beyond linear distribution for more monetisation opportunities. Only Ooyala enables publishers to reach viewers through connected TVs and any other kind of device this easily, with a single push.”