Spain imposes penalties on networks

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 10-01-2012

Needing the sanctions like a hole in the head, Spain's TV industry was hit by €1.5 million in penalties imposed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce Industry.

Throughout the year, the Ministry took as many as 40 disciplinary proceedings on television firms, 33% more than in 2010, on behalf of 71 infractions committed, according to data updated as at 12 December 2011.
However, this figure is provisional and may change in the coming months, with almost half of the cases opened still pending and so the total amount of penalties in 2011 will likely be higher.
Most of the cases are related to advertising with excess advertising the issue in 13 cases (nine of them are still pending) to five chains for a total of 19 offences resulting in fines amounting to €484,175. Audiovisual Law allows chains to issue a maximum of 12 minutes of advertising per hour. Second most popular has been violations based on illegal advertising interruptions.
Meanwhile, illegal advertising was the basis of seven cases relating to unlawful advertising offences that led to penalties of around €417,664. Unlawful advertising means that it is misleading, unfair, aggressive or violates the limitations imposed on certain products, such as gambling or those that threatens the health of people. The industry imposed €200,001 penalties last year related to offences related to surreptitious advertising.