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Thread: How to save yer fooked AZbox HD...

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    Arrow How to save yer fooked AZbox HD...

    c/p gorski

    One needs:
    TFTPD32 file/package
    backup_kernel (you'll find it in TFTPD32 folder)
    Serial Interface to connect to AZBox HD

    You also need your PC's IP address (via command prompt):
    Start -> Run -> write: cmd -> hit enter on your keyboard -> ipconfig -> enter -> your PC's IP address is there

    If your PC IP address =
    We choose AZbox HD IP address, let's say

    1. Start TFTPD32
    2. Start Putty, choose serial, put the COM port where your serial interface is, Speed = 115200
    3. Connect serial interface with AZBox and switch AZBox ON
    4. Press CTRL+C to stop the booting
    5. Write:

    setxenv y.ipaddr
    setxenv y.gateway
    setxenv y.subnetmask
    net init
    load -b tftp:// 0xb0100000
    pflash write -f 0x80000 0xb0100000 0x680000

    Wait till it erases a part of the FLASH, then write the new content in.
    This lasts around 5-6minuts, be patient and when it finishes - reboot your AZBox.
    If it went well, on your TV screen you will see a standard update you came to know so well...
    Plug a USB stick with Official FW and proceed as usual.

    I did it all like this, connecting AZbox with PC via rs 232 and LAN connection.

    Home-made but works:

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    Re: How to save yer fooked AZbox HD...

    u can also use some serial usb converter

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