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Thread: Interesting Read About Nagra2

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    Interesting Read About Nagra2

    This is from a site I'm a member I won't say where but it's a hell of a read worth sharing.

    Posted by Cheers_en


    A week or so ago I decided to do some reading about Nagra2 and came across some interesting information. As most everyone knows, Nagra2 is the property of the Kudelski Group from Switzerland. Kudelski along with a company named Ascom own a Company named MediaCrypt. MediaCrypt develops and licenses encryption algorithm software, based on Ascomís International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA).
    In October of 2003 MediaCrypt presented an encryption research project they named "FOX" A press release described the project as " consists of a new block cipher algorithm for symmetric encryption and a new key management system. FOX comes to the public for review and testing, following the footsteps of the successful IDEAô, MediaCryptís Ascomís encryption algorithm that has remained strong and reliable for over 10 years. MediaCrypt markets IDEA exclusively worldwide. FOX incorporates protection against the latest mathematical attack methods." Patents for this project were applied for in March of 2005. Wasn't Nagra2 implemented shortly thereafter?
    The lead investigator of the Project was a PHD candidate named Pascal Junod under the supervision of a Professor. The interesting thing is that Junod used the project as his thesis for his PHD. I managed to find his website and Low and behold like most Academic Elitists he can't seem to resist blowing his own horn. The web page has a link to his thesis so this morning I decided to take the time to read it. And sure enough there are some fairly explicit explanations and examples of the algorithms used.
    It's been almost 30 years since I studied Advanced Mathematics but I am of the opinion that the key to finding a new fix lies in understanding this document. If the rumors can be believed and the MAP is known then understanding the Alogorithim may facilitate the solution.......But then what the hell do I know?
    If you want to read the thesis go to:
    Also I have enclosed a pdf file with more info Cheers!

    Your FunFiles Team

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    Re: Interesting Read About Nagra2

    By the way, the admins at the site where this was posted at promptly deleted it meaning it must be something that's not supposed to land in the public hands...but's here at FunFiles!

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    Re: Interesting Read About Nagra2

    Thanks mate for sharing this.

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    Talking Re: Interesting Read About Nagra2

    Thanx for sharing this with us. Iīve been spreading it on other forums, using you as source and quoting you literally, obviously using your name.

    Thanx for this usefull information!

    Brgrds, Erik.

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