Bishop online video blessed as PK4 acquires JSFour

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 15-01-2012

Advertising could be the key battleground for online video in 2012 and to bolster its ad network, PK4 Media has acquired media and technology company JSFour.

The move is the culmination of recent cooperation between the two firms which has seen the development of a video distribution platform named Bishop.
Designed for the next generation of online video, the Bishop Video Platform (BVP) will have at its heart JSFour’s Render platform, which was engineered for publishers to lower the cost associated with running video on their site. For its part, PK4 Media says that it will bring advertisers to the mix to offset any cost.
What the companies claim is that the new format will enable a new breed of marketing. For example, they assert that publishers no longer need content delivery network (CDN) relationships, a video player, or indeed a video platform. Instead they says that companies can quickly and easily upload video to Bishop, embed a player and begin optimising content with videos automatically monetised. As content is deployed and syndicated across more than 4,000 sites within the PK4 Media distribution network, the two firms guarantee that royalties will go right back to the content creator.
“When JSFour showed us their low cost and streamlined method for publishers to add video their site, light bulbs went off instantly,” said PK4 Media CEO and Founder, Tom Alexander. “We knew that the publishers we have relationships with would benefit from this platform, and any costs would be offset through our brand partners.”