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Thread: Dreambox Resset Password!

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    Angry Dreambox Resset Password!

    I have a very accuard situation !!
    I have another Dreambox 500-S and I can't open the files throught FTP forgot passward & the TuxCom is also locked!! So.. is there anyway I can open FTP or Tuxcom...??
    Gemini 1.7 is installed !!

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    Re: Dreambox Resset Password!

    I need some information inside it !! is there anyway i can get ma files throught Cable throught computer ??? Cable like Humax Cable

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    Re: Dreambox Resset Password!

    dont no any reset pass!!

    instal image, with dreamup again and it will be ok only way....

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    Hi **

    Just for now ...its not your pass of origine ..or you change ?

    if you change take the way Of Coruche

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    Re: Dreambox Resset Password!

    there is a Newcamd Sever settings in it! So.. you are saying that if i install a new image on it using Dream Up, the informaiton is not going to get lost? & how can I flash? NO FTP! I don't have the password

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    Re: Dreambox Resset Password!

    Is there anyway I can get Newcamd.cfg from downloading a Plugin in dreambox or something else

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    Post Re: Dreambox Resset Password!

    Can I Backup Dreambox files throught the Serial Port

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    Re: Dreambox Resset Password!

    You can try downloading an FTP cracker. I mean you must have an idea of what the password might be.

    You can load a password list with your guesses based upon your normal passwords.

    That might work .


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    Post Re: Dreambox Resset Password!

    The problem is that I'm not the person who change the password
    I like the Idea of FTP Crakcer Is there really a program thatz crakz FTP
    If there is please PM me !!

    Thnx in advance

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    Re: Dreambox Resset Password!

    Can I Install Gemini Plugin through Serial Port?
    If that is possbile I can install a Plugin that will change the password !?
    If there is an application that does that please inform me

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