Carlos Slim working on Larry King partnership

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 16-01-2012

One of them is a TV broadcasting legend in the US. The other one – the richest man alive – owns Latin America's and one of the world's biggest telecoms empires. What are Mr Larry King and señor Carlos Slim up to?

According to news agency Reuters, the Mexican magnate and the famous braces-wearing journalist have been concocting a plan that could lead to a new broadcasting venture.
A series of meetings between the two North Americans have been confirmed by Slim's spokesman, Arturo Elías Ayub, who said discussions about the project have been going on for a few months.
"At the right time, if this comes through, we will announce what it is about," said Elías Ayub, without providing any further details. It is believed that an official announcement could be made before the end of the current first quarter of 2012.
In Latin America, Slim's pay-television companies have 13 million subscribers – more than any other operator.
In Reuters' opinion, "a potential deal with King, an experienced journalist with a strong following mostly in the United States but known to a much limited audience in Latin America, could help Slim shape up a news-gathering organisation from Mexico".
Speaking to the news agency, industry analyst Gabriel Sosa Plata said: "Slim's strategy to diversify the business is clearer than ever, and competing in content – an area long-dominated by Televisa and TV Azteca – could put [the two broadcasters] on alert."