Double-digit growth for 2011 online and mobile video revenue

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 17-01-2012

The online and mobile video value chain produced a combined $4.3 billion in top line revenue in 2011, an increase of 45% over 2010.
According from online video and mobile media market research produced by AccuStream Research, double-digit growth across all value chain sectors will continue, with revenue increasing 30+% annually, yielding a $10 billion market by 2014.
Within the research—comprising CDN, integrated video platforms, full service advertising networks, ad serving platforms, auctions and exchanges—each value chain sector is analysed by number of accounts, fill rates, gross ad billings, impressions delivered or cleared (by format and region of the world), detailed business model analytics, publisher payout percentages, core competencies, participation formulae, revenue (historical, current and forecast), global reach, market share, R & D initiatives, competitive threats and strategic positioning initiatives.
Video advertising network specialists captured 40.6% of value chain revenue in 2011, followed by media and entertainment CDN (representing 49.7% of total CDN) at 26.8%, video platforms and related solutions taking 19.7% and mobile advertising networks 12.8%.
Mobile advertising networks are forecast to own 18.5% of the media value chain by 2014, including media and non-media CDN at 31.4%, video ad networks (all format executions) holding 34.9%, media and video platforms 15.2%.