Xpertia bets on HbbTV standard to avoid repeating errors of the past

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 18-01-2012

Making sure that the development of the HbbTV standard does not fall into the same trap as MHP is the philosophy of one of Spain's most important digital TV consultancies Xpertia Solutiones Integrales.
Currently Xpertia is an equipment distributor for transmission of services under the HbbTV standard and the company is open to collaborate with projects in this sense.
Apart from working in the Spanish market with different solutions either for the private sector or for the universities of all type Xpertia is striving to get involved in European projects, for which it has integrated into two large consortia. Mainly, one of them, Newton, is a project developed a network of laboratories worldwide to share resources, expertise and infrastructure across multiple training entities around the world.
This project has already been submitted to the committee, and the company has great hopes of achieving this, with over 20 companies involved, more than twenty universities around the world as partners, and more than 40 training centres also associated with secondary education and large companies or associations.
Goiung forward the company sees the implementation of the HbbTV standard as good news for the industry yet that it was necessary to differentiate it from the user to avoid falling back into the same mistakes as were made with the MHP standard.