New Steve Jobs patent: Pointing to an Apple connected HDTV?

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 18-01-2012

A patent filing on behalf of late Apple guru Steve Jobs is for a method of TV episode organisation, which Apple-watching IP website Patently Apple says confirms the rumours of the launch of a smart, Apple-branded HDTV.
The US Patent and Trademark Office issued the patent, which calls for "a computer-implemented method, comprising: receiving episodic content including one or more episodes of television programs and storing the episodic content in a data store."
It also covers "receiving metadata associated with the episodic content and storing the received meta data in the data store; displaying on a display device a menu arranged in an interface environment, the menu comprising a list of menu items associated with the episodic content; displaying on the display device a sort interface arranged in the interface environment, the sort interface defining a plurality of sort options and being configured to receive a selection of a sort option and to sort the list of menu items based upon the selection."
The claim seems to describe a cloud-based mechanism for receiving information from various providers and then making that available on-demand via the Web--a set-up that would fit in nicely with Jobs' self-proclaimed goal of syncing content across devices. Whether that line-up of devices would include a connected TV set remains to be seen, of course, but the framework laid out in the patent certainly supports that kind of consumer electronics strategy.