WordPress blogs integrate broadcast video

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 19-01-2012

Users of the WordPress site for creating blogs can now become their own broadcasters, thanks to a new software module from Eyepartner.
The TikiLive platform integrates video-on-demand and live channel streaming into sites and can be used for broadcasting HD or SD video. TikiLive broadcasters can also customise the service experience as well; there are default themes and templates, but individual users have the ability to create their own themes.
When it comes to monetisation, creators can stream free content or set up a pay wall. Other perks bring the experience even closer to the traditional TV opportunity: Users can insert pre-, mid-, or post-roll overlays for advertising, brand their videos, and can track viewing and click-through numbers to capture ratings information.
The module is free, but for hosted streaming video, it costs $250 per month for 1TB or $500 per month for 10TB.
The software has the potential to vastly increase the pool of user-generated programming available on the web: WordPress currently has more than 60 million users