France 24 in 235m homes
18.44 Europe/London, January 19, 2012 By Julian Clover

France 24 added another 33 million TV households during 2011, representing an increase of 22% in a single year.

The Paris-based operation is now available in a total of 235 million households, on a full or part-time basis, taking one or more of the three language services. France 24 broadcasts in English, French and Arabic.

Of the 235 million households that receive the channel, 183 million have 24/7 access while 52 million can watch France 24 for several hours a day through third-party channels.

In Europe, France 24 increased its distribution by about 10% last year and currently has a penetration rate of 75% across the continent.

Frank Melloul, head of strategy and development for Audiovisuel Extérieur de la France, commented: “France 24 has now achieved optimum distribution in Europe, the Middle East and in Africa. This is a resounding success for a channel that was launched just five years ago.

Melloul said the channel would look at new markets, particularly Asia and North America.