Interactive boosts online video ad take up

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 20-01-2012

A new survey by digital marketing firm PointRoll has found that as video ads are becoming more interactive, they are generating better results for marketers.

PointRoll's Video Benchmark Study, which compared campaign results from April-December 2011, s Video Benchmark Study, is said to have revealed a robust new set of in-stream video formats with 78% of viewers completing 100% of interactive in-stream ads, compared to 69% who completed 100% in-stream ads without interactive elements.

Additionally, interaction rates, where users specifically took an action within the ad, for in-stream video ads were more than three times higher than that of in-banner video ads.
"The latest findings of our Video Benchmark Study further underscore some of the online video trends that we've been seeing," said Rob Gatto, CEO of PointRoll. "As advertisers increasingly look to expand campaigns across digital platforms and consider video ads as a tool to do that, they must consider interactivity as a feature in their video ads. Our latest research supports how valuable these ads can be in helping advertisers to achieve ROI on their video campaigns"