Regular pauses telco tax to RTVE

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 20-01-2012

The Spanish association for the regulation of telecommunications and audiovisual industries, Telecommunication Market Commission (CMT), has temporarily suspended the additional payment required by telcos to RTVE.
The move benefits Telefónica and Vodafone in particular who had been compelled to fund RTVE to the tune of about €43 million under the terms of the 2010 law.
The suspension of payment occurs after both companies submitted applications for reconsideration before the CMT against several regulatory resolutions requesting the additional payment. It is though that Telefónica had been asked for €38 million more to that already provided in 2010.
The CMT has temporarily suspended the payment that both companies had to make to RTVE while addressing an appeal and in case the telcos to go to court to decide the administrative appeal, which may delay payment to RTVE.
Moreover, in the case of Vodafone, the CMT has already rejected another resolution, dated January 12, 2012, an administrative appeal against the additional payment. The resolution of the CMT may be appealed before the Board of Administrative Litigation of the National Court within a month.
The RTVE Financing Act, which came into force in 2009 and marked the end of advertising on the public broadcaster, states that RTVE will be financed by a percentage rate performance on retention of public radio and by fees from private channels opened (3% of gross revenues) payment (1.5% of gross revenues) and telecommunication companies (0.9% of their income).