Endavo adds branding and marketing services to OTT video syndication

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 20-01-2012

Endavo Media is expanding its content services in support of the company's over the top (OTT) video syndication and distribution solutions.
The company aims to bring functions like branding, design, marketing and content management services for producers, networks and distributors looking to optimise their channels on OTT video services.
"To fully leverage (sic) the syndication and distribution potential of OTT, content providers must first understand the entire OTT ecosystem," said Endavo CMO and Head of Content Peter Contardo. "Success requires channel positioning, strategic branding, active content management and marketing to optimise a presence on an OTT device or platform, especially when content is distributed through service providers. It's all part of our goal to syndicate the planet with content."
Endavo is showcasing its deal with Etisalat as an example of the services. The Middle Eastern telco and provider of the OnWeb consumer video service is gaining access to a growing portfolio of HD and 3D syndicated programming as part of its content services offering.
Endavo is now targeting content providers that specialise in English-language lifestyle, beauty, travel, cooking and animation, as well as TV shows and indie movies.
A priority going forward is "acquiring new content as part of our growing portfolio available to service providers for OTT video services," Contardo said.