Viewers prefer local TV creations and adaptations

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 20-01-2012

Viewers from all over the world are looking local: they prefer “formats that offer them familiarity and connection” the new bi-yearly TV Trend survey Nota by Eurodata TV Wordlwide and IMCA has observed.
If US series remain a reference and continue to be the most sold internationally, they nonetheless lose ground in national top ten rankings worldwide, or as the report states, “original productions and local adaptations are finding real success while co-productions are on the rise.”
The benefit goes to home grown productions - original formats, local adaptations - and international co-productions. In Spain, period soap Gran Hotel, aired on Antena 3, has allowed the channel to reach audiences seven points above its average with an 18.7% market share.
At the same time, international formats are also being adapted for local markets such as Desperate Housewives in Turkey, the French series Hard in Germany and the Korean series A Brilliant Legacy in China. Regarding international co-productions, French-German series Borgia, is already sold in more than forty territories, while The Bridge (Sweden/Denmark) will also be aired this year in the UK.
If local drama appeals to viewers so much, there is no reason reality TV shows using drama’s code don’t work. And it does. “Reality TV is reinventing itself using the codes of fiction, both at a visual level and in the staging,” Nota points out. In the same spirit as Made in Chelsea, many constructed or scripted reality formats have seen the light this fall. This includes Desperate Scousewives, which tripled the market share of its channel (E4) for its launch and Dutch program New Chicks. The show had a successful launch, and allowed channel Nederland 3 to increase its market share by 50%.