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Thread: Check multics execution

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    Check multics execution

    Check multics execution

    sometimes multics stops running due to some unexpected incoming data or unknown bugs.
    the next tool checks multics every 60s and execute it if isnt running.
    use this tool when running only one instance of multics, it doesnt work with multiple instances.

    the source code is included to add other programs to be checked.
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    Re: Check multics execution

    How To :

    check.ppc for dreambox (multics path: /var/bin/multics)
    check.x64 for pc 64bits (multics path: /usr/local/bin/multics)
    check.x32 for pc 32bits (multics path: /usr/local/bin/multics)

    You need to upload and execute the correct file to your server(without executing multics). it will always check for multics every 60 seconds and whenever multics stops it will be reexecuted after 60s at max.

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