happy to be here again, I was ill during more than one month and I'm back.
I have a good cccam server (+100 real cards on hop1) 24/7/365 on ... my local
is bistv france viaccess4 valid till 31.08.2012 ... card active on astra 19.2
interested to share with me ??? please send MP with your active cline and precise
your local, I test and I reply with cline usually the same day ...
sharing rules :
- no fake cards, no N lines or 256 tricks, only locals
- only lines with 2 share level considered i.e. your cline must have this form
DNS port user password no { 0:0:2 } and corresponding F line shoud be of this form
user password 2 0 0 { 0:0:2 } { } { }
- 3 days off = immediate delete
- fakers, card stealers, 256 trick users will be immediately reported in bad section
peers ... please do not disturb and do not waste time
happy sharing