Tremor makes waves with InPlay purchase

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 22-01-2012

In a move that will give the company enhanced reporting on publisher-side video performance purchases, online video advertising technology company Tremor Video has acquired video analytics firm TubeMogul.

Tremor says that the deal will give it robust publisher analytics and it will integrate TubeMogul's InPlay product directly into VideoHub, its video platform, so that it can enable a complete end-to-end video analytics solution for publishers, giving them and their partners the ability to measure, track, report and deliver on the signals driving the performance of video content.
InPlay technology is designed to help publishers understand real-time engagement, viewership and performance data. The transfer of ownership is claimed to give Tremor Video an industry-best set of publisher video analytics, enhance its Video's VideoHub suite of products, making insights gathered from more than 1 billion video streams available to help publishers understand how their videos are discovered, what drives engagement and much more. InPlay will be available to all publishers as part of VideoHub for Publishers, launching in Q1 2012.
"Publishers are demanding an analytics suite that provides a clear picture of how viewers are interacting with content in order to determine what creates the most value for advertisers," said Bill Day, CEO of Tremor Video. "InPlay gives us industry-leading technology and a sound product that meets this market demand. By integrating with our existing VideoHub technology, Tremor Video can now offer our partners a view across the entire video landscape."
"TubeMogul InPlay was built to help publishers better understand their viewers to drive deeper engagement, and it has largely delivered on that promise," said Brett Wilson, Co-founder and CEO of TubeMogul. "As we shift our focus from publishers to brand advertisers, this deal helps us align our capabilities with the needs of marketers, while ensuring they get the transparency and reporting they have come to expect."