Sunrise to launch IPTV platform

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 22-01-2012

Swiss telco Sunrise will launch its IPTV platform on 23 January. Sunrise TV will offer more than 160 TV channels including 29 HD channels in the basic package, a video-on-demand service (VOD) with more than 1,500 movies and over 80 radio stations.

Features include live pause and time-shift. Also, missed TV shows can be watched up to 28 hours after their initial broadcast.
Through the offering, which will be available nationwide in Switzerland, Sunrise will develop into a quadruple play provider of fixed-line and mobile telephony, internet and TV. Sunrise TV, which has been in a friendly-user test since October 2011, will compete with Swisscom TV, the IPTV platform operated by Switzerland's national telco Swisscom.
With 2.97 million customers, Sunrise is Switzerlands's largest private telecommunications company.