Milestone alert: YouTube now streams 4 billion views per day

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 24-01-2012

As far as barometers go, YouTube is a good choice for the popularity of online video. The company has announced that it is now streaming 4 billion views per day, up 25% in the last eight months.
Also, users are uploading about 60 hours of video every minute, which is an increase of more than 30% in the last eight months.
"That’s the equivalent of more than half the world’s population watching a video every day, the same number as there are U.S. $1 bills in circulation, the same as number of years since there was water on’s a big number, and you’re making it bigger every day," the company said in a blog.
It added that it has set up a special microsite to illustrate just what the usage levels mean in real-world terms. "In the past we’ve made charts and infographics to describe the kind of mind-boggling engagement you’re driving, and this time we let our dataheads (sic) run wild," the company blogged further.