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Thread: why no new revision of the firmware

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    why no new revision of the firmware

    is dragon module osbsolet ?

    because it looks like an diablo outside

    same both sim ports

    can we use the stealth update ?

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    Re: why no new revision of the firmware

    I'm willing to bet that allthough they may (at least the Diablo Lite), look
    similar on the oustide. There innards are quite abit different.

    Is the Dragon \ T-Rex dead, is it obsolet?! No of course not! There have
    been, as of late no new updates. Because theres' hasn't been anything to
    to update. D+ and TvCabo are for all-in-tense and purposes GONE.
    Premiere World it's the same thing! Allthough it should be noted that
    that was a One-off..

    The point is there is nothing right now besides Cryptoworks Bios3 that
    can be opend with this CAM at the moment. Hopefully this will soon
    change, but till then. There really is nothing at the moment to warrent
    a new Predator v3.44...

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    Re: why no new revision of the firmware

    thank for the answer

    but why no TPS autoroll key like in the steath

    and no support for premiere even if now it is broken (maybe the dragon team respect the other groups (cerebro team if I read well some post) (maybe this is the reason))

    or the diablo team is more new and try to keep new custumer

    don't know what inside a diablo lite and an trex

    there are also swiss chanel open not only crytoworks

    just wondering if It wasn't a group move to a new cam

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    Re: why no new revision of the firmware

    As for the Autoroll on TPS? Who knows I'm going to guess that there's not enough RAM in the T-Rex to do it. But, it should be possible for the Dragon Team to make a Predator to do it. The question is will they.

    As for Premiere Well that was kind of a give-in. I was able to get the IDEA00 Key and RSA by attaching my Lapy to my Galaxis EasyRider and Loging the results with Hyperteminal. So that was hardly a challenge, since Premiere are now useing the IDEA01 instead and that can not be logged as simply. I'm not able to get the Keys needed for Premiere.
    It also doesn't help the fact that the Premiere Keys are strictly NP (Non-Public)! So thats' why you'll never see Premiere beeing Emu'ed!

    The 'Swiss Ch's.' are NOT in Cryptoworks , they're in Viaaccess.
    The Austrian Ch's. (ORF, ATV+ and *Easy.Tv), however are in Betacrypt / Cryptworks.

    The only thing I know about the Diablo is that it clames to have a 16Mb RAM to store softcam Keys with. I would susspect that that's quite a bit more then the T-Rex. The Other version has full 802.11b/g? Chip in it.
    So you could update it from your PC while the CAM is still in the STB.
    This comes at the price of having a full Card-in Slot.
    The Light viersion, has the same Specs' minus the Wi-Fi.
    But can use both Sims and Full size Cards'.

    Now this is the part I hate about the Diabo CAM.
    You can either Update it though the 802.11 Wi-Fi (Where Availible).
    But, you have to use either the CAS3 or newer and somwhat more affordable CAS2-Plus to program it, I don't think you can use Loader Cards with it yet (if ever),. So that will possibly be another cost to endure, with the Diabo CAM...

    *Easy.Tv is only in Cryptoworks.

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    Re: why no new revision of the firmware

    It looks like the dragon is dead in the water, but who knows. At present the TV companies are ahead of the hackers and are winning the battle. alot of people have purchased dragon cam or t-rex and are very relucant to purchase cams or new equipment. Satellite TV is an expensive business and the best solution at present is to be patient. The dragon team may yet come up trumps. Also the dragon will work with subscription cards, this is a plus. So dont throw it away quite yet.
    So heres hoping the Dragon Team comes true yet again.

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    Re: why no new revision of the firmware

    I'v said it before, ~NOTE Bullsh*t Flag IS ACTIVATED!!~
    But the biggest Hack for the Dragon & T-Rex may just be 'round the Corner!
    There are roumors going round in the NP (Non-Public), Scene that NDS (x.Sky, Viasat etc.), has been hacked, and the Keys are sopposed to be known.

    The problem is they still have yet to make a working Emulator for it.
    According to my best sources this 'Emu' will be free.
    As opposed to say selling Hacker Cards. ~Thuss the BS Flag!~

    If this is ture however we may have lost a lot gound these last few Months.
    But if, true this would spell a major WIN for the Hacking Comounitty!!

    So we just have to wait and see....

    But to sit there and compare the Dragon\T-Rex to either the Diablo (Wi-Fi), or Diablo Lite.
    Is a lot like comparing a Dragon\T-Rex to say a Martix Reloaded, if you asked me.
    It's not a real fair comparison of these Two CAMs'.
    Allthough the Diablo might be the Top Dog Today, there will be a new Challenger for it soon enough.

    Again there hasn't been anything happing in the Dx'ing Scene to warrent a new Predator Update.
    Like a new D+ Emu, or the Keys for Premiere mysteriously turning up One Day.
    So cut the Predator-Team some slack.
    They're not Miracle Workers, allthough I wish too, that they were...

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    Re: why no new revision of the firmware

    my concern was only why there was some improment on diablo more than on trex
    TPS ok it is not perfect via autoroll so not really a solution

    but the mystery was on premiere and you answered very well to my concern
    key not public

    At this time I was thinking that all is opened under vplug s2emu is on the trex

    but why diablo team didn't give the way to the other team to implement it to other cam
    selling reason ?

    the main idea is to share when something is found and that my point

    ok there is still the money maker for the card selling
    like K3 those days or cerebro

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    Re: why no new revision of the firmware

    Well think about this from the point of those selling those Hacker Cards.

    WTF: Would the point be in having a Card when any and everyone could just use the Free and simple Emulator? Yes you could say that the 'Keys' are known. But from there standpoint it would be like killing the Golden Goose.

    Yes it's sad, but, I think the time of the Emus' is over, and it's the Hacker Cards' that are enjoying there time in the Sun!
    As the Cerebro, Didem or Daytona have shown there is a Market for 'em, and for the Hackers' this is Money for nothin'.

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