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Thread: Problem sharing dreambox with more than one other unit

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    Problem sharing dreambox with more than one other unit

    1. Hi,

      I thought I had all this working OK. I have been using two DM500S clones connected together via an Ethernet switch box and all has been working well. Boxes running PLi and Oscam DVB API.

      Now when I add another dreambox to the switch box, only one of the slave units clears the picture at a time. You can switch to one box, it works, switch to the other it doesn´t. A few seconds later the first one isn´t working and the second one is (Master box always working).

      Also it doesn´t seem to matter what User or Password I put into the slave units (even if its not one on the Masters config file - how is this possible?), one unit clears a picture at a time.

      Any idea how I can get the three units working simultaneously?

      Thanks in advance

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    Re: Problem sharing dreambox with more than one other unit

    1. I am really sorry, I have been a complete knob! Its been too long since I last did this and I must be getting old and forgetful!. Cam in Slave units was CCCam and user name and password were the same. Really sorry to have waisted your time. I will put my dunces hat on and sit in the corner being quiet!

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