Trace Group unveils digital strategy, fights youth exclusion

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 25-01-2012

International entertainment group Trace has unveiled its 2012 strategic plans with new schedules and developments for its sport celebrity channel along with further digital innovations and services linked to urban music channels.
Founded eight years ago and headquartered in Paris, Olivier Laouchez’s four channels—Trace Sports Trace Urban, Trace Tropical and Trace Africa— are broadcast in more than 160 countries to a potential audience of 60 million households.
Aiming at strengthening the relation with its audience, Trace Group will launch over 2012 various new services including web and mobile segments such as the launch of Trace Music and Trace Sports mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.
A Trace Mobile service will also come to the market in France and Africa. Regarding the cloud environment, Trace channels are also called to be present on OTT services and connected TV sets. In the Indian Ocean region and Africa, Trace will kick off new radios station Trace FM.
The group’s young fans will finally be able to get all the new services thanks to the prepaid credit card Trace is developing with Mastercard.
“We want to use our success in the music sector to go farther and take our audience towards their favourite ways of expression: sport, mobile phone, social networks, web, radio and, one day for sure, movies and video games,” CEO Olivier Laouchez added
Over the years, Olivier Laouchez’s multi-platform media activities have nurtured the group expertise into the young adult audience. This knowledge is now formalised into new in-house service, Trace Marketing Solutions, that aims at serving brands and ad agencies.
Last Monday, Trace gave a hint of its expertise on the subject and the values it wants to serve by revealing the results of a new study on French youth (15-24 demo). Called “State of Emergency”, this survey shows the situation is worrying owing to massive unemployment and exclusion. Besides the entertainment business, Trace is then engaging itself with its young audience with the idea to help new generations finding their place in society. A Trace Foundation has just been set up with the ambition to help youngsters orientating in school and in the working life. It will also sponsor sport celebrities and artists initiatives in favour of disadvantaged children. Trace Foundation‘s ambassador will be top model Joëlle Kayembé.