100 Million hybrid STBs to Ship in 2015

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 25-01-2012

A sizeable 100 million hybrid STBs will ship in 2015, new research has revealed. That means that these STBs--boxes that include a TV tuner and an Internet connection in one--are poised to become the fastest-growing segment of the STB industry, according to NPD In-Stat.
Within that, satellite hybrid STBs are leading the way. Satellite will represent 58% of the total hybrid STB market in 2013.
The research firm says that hybrid STBs are appearing in all service categories and new usage models and applications have provided momentum. As television services begin employing applications that are Internet-connected, hybrid set top boxes are emerging as a key growth driver for the global set-top box industry.
"As the STB industry continues its forward march, the next logical iteration is for the set top box to enhance and expand traditional TV-related services by permitting access to content from the Internet, or from Internet-like Web services that provide a ‘walled garden’ of authorised content," said Gerry Kaufhold, research director. "By combining traditional TV services with ‘enhancements’ that come in via broadband, content owners and service providers think they can successfully compete with all the emerging over-the-top approaches."
Regional highlights include North America, where 23 million hybrid STBs will ship in 2012 alone, and Asia Pacific, where annual revenue will approach $1.5 billion in 2015.