Cablecom to distribute all Swiss HD channels
09.14 Europe/London, January 26, 2012 By Robert Briel

UPC Cablecom has said it will distribute all six HD channels from the country’s public broadcasters from February 29.

The operator announced that on February 29, between 8am and 5pm, it will be activating the German-language Swiss channels SF 1 and SF 2, the French-language channels TSR 1 and TSR 2 and the two Italian-language channels RSI 1 and RSI 2 nationwide in HD quality.

All digital television customers can also watch TV in HD quality. The basic package now includes more than 55 digital channels, of which 11 in German-speaking Switzerland are in HD quality, as well as 10 in each of French-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland.

UPC Cablecom now offers up to 210 digital channels in various bouquets, while its VOD service offers 1,500 movies titles as well as the catch-up TV service of the public broadcasters. The operator has now 25 channels in HD, but expects to add more HD channels during the year.