NZ time-shift TV viewers aren't skipping ads

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 26-01-2012

Personal programme recorders such as MySky and MyFreeview have not changed New Zealanders' TV viewing habits, according to a new ratings survey.

For the first time the Nielsen Television Audience report incorporates a representative sample of homes that can time-shift their viewing. It says 95% of all TV is still watched live. In homes with recorders, 80% is watched live or on the same night.
Meanwhile, the good news for TV advertisers is that only about 50% of viewers fast-forwarded through the ad breaks in recorded shows, according to the report.
Rick Friesen of the free-to-air television promotion group ThinkTV, representing TVNZ and TV3, told the New Zealand Herald that recorders could become an issue. "Its something we need to keep an eye on," he said.
Advertising consultant Martin Gillman said the limited impact of time-shifted viewing reflected that it was still relatively new to the New Zealand market and would grow.
"It's naive to think that ad avoidance has been an issue and that it will be in the future." Gillman said.