Telemundo Internacional enhances own productions

I˝aki Ferreras ęRapidTVNews | 26-01-2012

Telemundo Internacional and its international distribution division is to embark upon a strategy based on original production, co-production and distribution deals.

The first part of the plan will be the company announced was the premiere of the company's new telenovela 'Relaciones Peligrosas', which will make its debut on the Telemundo network, with what is claimed to be a ground-breaking storyline. The company believes quality of production will be the key to success.
The second announcement concerns new distribution deals for 600 hours of original content from Cadena 3 in Mexico and Corporaciˇn Televen in Venezuela, with two telenovelas already in production.
Telemundo will also go back to Mexico producing TV content in collaboration with local production company Argos Comunicaciones, run by Epigmenio Ibarra.
In addition, Telemundo Studios has used the latest technologies for this production, such as the Da Vinci software for colour correction and audio additions done entirely in Dolby 5.1 technology.