Hello to all i have a big problem with my receiver. I live in Macedonia (Skopje), and i have DM800 HD original box with motorized dish with 1.2 disecq motor. The problem is with certain satelites (26E, 36E, 7W, and 12.5W) that i cannot get it at all and i don't know why, I am sure that those satelites i was watching it before, but now i cannot get them at all. I checked my longitude and latitude for my location and i put them right as they are, that did not help. Next step that i have done is i manually stored positions of the satelites without using usals on my motor. For example store position 001, 002, 003, and etc... that did not help too. I don't have a clue what it could be. No idea at all. My dish is 1.25M big. That should not be a problem with those satellites i guess. Any help will be apreciated. Thanks.