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Thread: RS 232 Cable Connection _ Help

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    RS 232 Cable Connection _ Help

    I need to know that how to connect my receiver with the PC. The RS232 jack provided at the back is different. The picture is attached for better review.19012012012.jpg
    Please let me know what kind of cable is required and if possible provide the link to know better about that cable. I found that new openbox/skybox S12 has similar kind of RS232 jack at the back.


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    Re: RS 232 Cable Connection _ Help


    look at this tutorial in French but it will help you to do well


    htt://ww********************* Pasde liens externes si tu souhaite aider, alors fais un petit tuto sur Sat Television

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    Re: RS 232 Cable Connection _ Help


    Voilà ce dont tu as besoin pour relier ton démo au PC
    This is what you need to link your receiver to the PC


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