Quarter of Spanish homes with HDTV

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 27-01-2012

The report 'The Information Society in Spain 2011' introduced by Fundación Telefónica has found that just over a quarter (25.3%) of Spanish homes have a HDTV ready TV.
In addition, the report found that television is present in 90.4% of national homes and in 65.3% of them there is at least a DTT receiver which is independent from the TV set. Connected TV to the internet has already reached 5.7% of homes and the 3D technology has reached to 1.5%.
Finally the report also states that 52.4% of those people consuming multimedia contents through their television set. In addition, 14.4% of homes have a collective satellite dish and 6.7% of homes have an individual satellite dish.