Cablevision trials TV Everywhere app for laptops

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 27-01-2012

Cablevision is mulling the extension of its TV Everywhere play to include streaming to notebook computers.
The MSO is testing what it calls an "Optimum App for Laptop" gambit, which will offer customers access to their subscription programming as long as they are connected to Wi-Fi within the home.
"Cablevision is currently testing a limited version of our Optimum app for laptop and notebook computers, with a limited number of customers," the MSO said in a statement. "Starting with the launch of Optimum App for iPad last year, we have always said that we expect to deliver our full cable television service to every screen in the home capable of functioning as a television, offering our customers additional value, convenience and an enhanced user experience on a variety of devices."
When it comes to TV Everywhere, Cablevision initially ran into pushback from media companies like Viacom who accused the MSO of "double-dipping," or paying only once for content licencing when it was being distributed in two media--online via IP streaming and via traditional head-end–based networks. Cablevision was sued, but later argued successfully that the app attaches to the set-top box and does not use the Internet, meaning that it falls within existing licencing schemes.
"Cablevision's very popular Optimum App for iPad...falls within our existing cable television licensing agreements with programmers – including Viacom," Cablevision said in a statement at the time. "It is cable television service on the iPad, which functions as a television, and is delivered securely to our customers in the home on Cablevision's own proprietary network."