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Thread: Gemimi Plugin via Serial Port ?

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    Question Gemimi Plugin via Serial Port ?

    Is there anyway I can install a Gemini Plugin through Serial Port?
    If there is please let me know

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    Unhappy Re: Gemimi Plugin

    I just want to know if there is a program that does this or NO ??

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    Re: Gemimi Plugin

    Just use a network cable from DB, directly to your computer.
    ...if u dont have one, get one.. its cheap!

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    Re: Gemimi Plugin

    I already got one!! I got eveything Router, PC, Cable everything....!
    The problem is that I forgot the Password of the FTP! & TuxCom is locked!!
    I just thought that if i can install a plugin that is var/etc/(the password file) & so that I can reset it !!!

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    Re: Gemimi Plugin

    My dear friend !! how can you

    just open Tux com on plugins ! and use that ! there you can edit evrything you need ! no need of any serial , you can't use any serial for this purpose serial cannot be use for FTP !!!

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    Re: Gemimi Plugin

    Before a while I took ma Dreambox to the store to format
    He locked FTP & Tuxcom!!!! I donno what is wrong with him?!

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    Re: Gemimi Plugin

    Just reflash the boxs !!!

    if you canno't do anything !!
    you must!!!

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    Re: Gemimi Plugin

    At last!!.. I mounted a Folder on my Dreambox through PC & now I can install any plugin manualy. (through : Blue Panel > Addons > Setup).

    So, now please anyone I need a plugin to remove TuxCom Password!, If there is no plugin for this purpose, I'm sure someone in this forum is capable of making it! & If that is also not possible :(, Is there another Plugin for Dreambox like TuxCom were I can View .cfg files.

    Thnx! I hope somone answers me

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