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Thread: Urgent help for Strong SRT 4902

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    Urgent help for Strong SRT 4902

    hi guyz. i have a question; i was updating my strong receiver 4902 but unfortunately the power has turned off during the update... when I am turning the receiver on, i am getting the message: "LOADER" on the receiver screen. i am getting no picture or anything coming out from the receiver. plz any advise or help? how can I resolve this problem? I am new to the receiver tools and i dont know how to reset it
    plz give me some tools. what do i need to revive my receiver?

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    Re: Urgent help for Strong SRT 4902

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    Re: Urgent help for Strong SRT 4902

    try this bro.
    1-power off receiver from main switch
    2-keep pressing on menu button of receiver front panal and switch power on from main switch
    new menu must appear on tv screen allows you to update or factory reset
    i hope that it will help you

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