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Thread: n00b seeking help w/ vPlug

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    n00b seeking help w/ vPlug

    Hello, I've been using ProgDVB for over 18 months to watch TPS (on Hotbird) and other channels like BBC Prime and Boomerang. The old way was to update the Softcam.key file periodically to keep the channels running. But after the recent world cup event, most channels aren't responding at all.. except for a few like VH1. I've been told to use vPlug, but I've failed to find a tutorial on the web seeing that simply placing the binary in the plugin folder wouldn't work. So is there a step-by-step tutorial out there plus download URL's (for extra files besides s2emu.dll and vplug.dll)? Also, is it possible to watch BBC Prime and Boomerang again (Hotbird)? Finally, is a persistent net connection required? Many thanks for all your help.

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    Re: n00b seeking help w/ vPlug

    Bad luck! Simply put Sat is down for DVB PCI Cards. They changed the encryption on the signal and there is currently no way to fix it, until a new Plugin comes out to fix it. It may come out tommorrow it might never come out so I am sorry and so am I.

    So no more qeustions and wait. In the mean time find something better to do.

    Next time read the forum before asking for assistance.

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    Re: n00b seeking help w/ vPlug

    I am watching now all this chanells.
    Here in zip my softcam+V_get_key file for watching tps.
    You need paste it to ProgDvb>Plugins. To get new key for tps Press Plugins>Update key.

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    Re: n00b seeking help w/ vPlug

    Oh my bad in North America we are blacked out. In Europe I am not sure.

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    Re: n00b seeking help w/ vPlug

    i am watching the channels with v-plugin and updating from internet but some times it takes long to update so i put list of lots of tps AES keys in the softcam file and for now it seems i dont get loosing the channels any time

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